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Free Ethereum subdomain names .eth for your wallet, smart-contract and decentralize web.
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ENS subdomains platform
Get ENS names on subdomains such as .user.eth, .biz.eth, .join.eth, .tor.eth and more than 20 free and interesting...
Human-readable ENS subdomain names for different purposes
Convenient name for the crypto wallet address.
You can link it to your smart-contract address for Dapp.
You can link it to your decentralize IPFS website.
You can link it to your Tor .onion address.
15% of all purchased subdomains tor.eth is automatically donated to the Ethereum wallet of "The Tor Project".
And more ENS subdomains names for various purposes, just follow us on social networks to find out about the new names.
You can manage your subdomains on Ethereum Name Service website and learn more about ENS domains.
The owner of a top-level ENS domain does not have any rights or access to manage subdomains.
The ENS subdomain has all the same features as the top-level ENS domain.
When you get an ENS subdomain, you become its owner forever, and you don't have to pay for its renewal every year.
This is not the same as the DNS subdomains
ENS subdomain is a digital asset
ENS subdomains are the same digital asset as ENS top-level domains.
Soon we will develop our own marketplace for ENS subdomains, where you can trade subdomains purchased on our platform.
Buying subdomain names is a good investment.
See how this already works on top-level ENS domains, on the largest digital marketplace.
Watch for announcements about price drops and the start of free sales and the addition of new domains.
Free subdomains
Subdomains for a price
Some ENS domains we give away forever to the society for free registration of subdomains, but before that we make a pre-sale.
Before pre-sale, these domains are clean and do not have any registered subdomains (with the exception of test names).
Domains for paid subdomain registration that we own are added to the site clean, without any subdomains registered before, and we lower prices depending on the number of subdomains already purchased.
Pre-sales and pricing policy
If you have a good top-level domain, you can place it on our site for selling subdomains.
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